I will be adding witty and humorous food and Italian immigrant kid related content here. For now, this is my original post when we first launched in November of 2010.”

After 30 some odd (ahem) years of watching my mother cook authentic Italian food, and a trip to Italy to go to Pasta Making School in Bologna (coupled with an attempt to eat as much cured pork and salami as possible) I decided that I needed to share my special knowledge about traditional Italian cooking and food with my new neighbors in my new home in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. So, here we are, after months of test kitchening, inspections, pasta rolling

I proudly announce the formation of…



I want share and teach about real Italian food – not what is served up in most Italian restaurants – that’s Italian-American Fare, a cuisine in itself with some great food. Authentic Italian food is about the simple preparation of a few fresh, high quality ingredients. Think Caprese Salad – the trio of basil, tomatoes and basil with fruity olive oil. Mmmm. But Italians wouldn’t think of making this outside of summer and tomato season. Italians are very particular about their food – I was chastised for ordering Ribollita in Tuscany in September – why would I do that when it wasn’t yet the right time for the new olive oil harvest – Ribollita requires a drizzle of young olive oil from the harvest, you know…There is always a reason based on some old tradition or in some cases superstitions.

I an excited to share this picky and delicious food tradition with you.

All of our pasta is prepared in small batches using fresh local or imported ingredients when authenticity requires it. No preservatives. No excess levels of sodium. No monotriscarychemicals. All-Natural food prepared in traditional ways. Oh, it all tastes pretty good too.

Why Melina? Well, I go by Carmella mostly, but my family calls me “Melina”. I was a very confused child. It’s a nickname for Carmella and I just liked it better for the name of my new pasta company…

And right now this is just a “kitchen” making yummy Italian food by hand in small batches just like mom (well, not MY mom cause she cooked nothing in small batches in case a battalion of Marines showed up at the house for any given meal). I do not have a location (yet). Right now, all of my pastas, sauces, and baked goodness meals are available at local farmer’s markets. Click around the website to learn more! Check out the Products page to see what we have to offer.

Sign up for the newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All this marketing stuff is still a work in progress and under development but I have food ready for you to eat so contact me at carmella@melinaspasta.com or 919-429-9850.